Полна жопа огурцов

Точнее зелены перцев. Работа художника Henryk Fantazos, называется «Okra Smugglers» (large version). Есть еще ранний вариент без приписки large version, там немного другая детализиция. Картина входит в художественный цикл «Face of the South».

Okra Smugglers-large version

  • protorenaissance

    Actually,these vegetables are neither cucumbers nor peppers Okra grows on long stalks in the southern U.S. and is used in famous stew «gumbo» and «jambalaya».The joke here is that the smugglers are hiding okra as if it was some precious and illegal product.Thank you for appreciating my art,Henryk Michael Fantazos

    • muchkaev

      Michael, tnx for this great comment! Yes i know that this is not cucumbers, but usually i use first funny idea to create topic for post. And this joke about cucumbers quite popular in Russia, Your art looks suprb, keep on!

  • protorenaissance

    Sure,I get it.My best to you.